Jeremy and Renee

Jeremy and Renee

A truly adventurous vow renewal on the Na’ili’ili Haele Stream trail.  We started out at the Rainbow Eucalyptus then started in to the bamboo forest.

IMG_4518  IMG_4698

Stream crossings started out easy and gradually got more difficult.

IMG_4524  IMG_4527  

3rd waterfall and makeshift wooden ladder.

 IMG_4534  IMG_4530  IMG_4538

Walked along stream boulders for a while before packing essentials in “waterproof” bags.  I brought camera equipment, they brought wedding cloths including high heels (for her).  We swam across this beautiful pool surrounded by rock cliffs, climbed up a small waterfall (#4) before reaching the 5th and final waterfall.

IMG_4691  IMG_4695  IMG_4548  IMG_4555  IMG_4641  IMG_4578  IMG_4553  IMG_4565  IMG_4622  

I performed the ceremony on the flat rocks in front of the pool.   Afterwards, Jeremy and Renee climbed up onto the waterfall in their wedding cloths and “took the plunge”

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