Jeremy and Renee

Jeremy and Renee

A truly adventurous vow renewal on the Na’ili’ili Haele Stream trail.  We started out at the Rainbow Eucalyptus then started in to the bamboo forest.

IMG_4518  IMG_4698

Stream crossings started out easy and gradually got more difficult.

IMG_4524  IMG_4527  

3rd waterfall and makeshift wooden ladder.

 IMG_4534  IMG_4530  IMG_4538

Walked along stream boulders for a while before packing essentials in “waterproof” bags.  I brought camera equipment, they brought wedding cloths including high heels (for her).  We swam across this beautiful pool surrounded by rock cliffs, climbed up a small waterfall (#4) before reaching the 5th and final waterfall.

IMG_4691  IMG_4695  IMG_4548  IMG_4555  IMG_4641  IMG_4578  IMG_4553  IMG_4565  IMG_4622  

I performed the ceremony on the flat rocks in front of the pool.   Afterwards, Jeremy and Renee climbed up onto the waterfall in their wedding cloths and “took the plunge”

IMG_4567  IMG_4664  IMG_4619  IMG_4662  IMG_4667  IMG_4669  IMG_4672  IMG_4673  IMG_4679  IMG_4689               

Kaitlin and Nick

Mike is THE BEST! He responds quickly to emails, which is critical for a destination wedding, makes you feel like you’re his priority and does just about anything to make YOU happy! Mike was able to get us our edited pictures the day of the wedding, which is unheard of! I would highly recommend Mike for your photography needs! We got married on the beach, therefore people were in the ocean, and he did such a fantastic job with the angles that you can’t even see anyone in our pictures!